The South Face Experience

Do you read the newspaper and get thrilled? Do you watch TV and you know that you need to act? Do you feel that somethings must change? Do you want to move, act, help? But you do not know how, you do not know where to start? We don’t have a magic wand to make everything allright. And we don’t want to be a travel agency to the south of the world. But if you believe in our project, we want you to follow our philosophy and understand Africa. We want you to share something with The South Face, our reason of experience: Africa.

If you have the same concerns as us, next summer you can join us in the The South Face Experience 2022. For 20 days you will become part of us. You will be our eyes, hands and mind in our project. Nairobi will be your home for 9 days and Maasiland for 20 more.

Close your eyes. Can you imagine it? So don’t wait even a second. What do you have to do now? Easy. Send us your CV and a motivation statement to And get start it.