Who we are

The non-governmental organization The South Face is a project designed by and for Africa. We encourage higher education and we facilitate access to the labor market.

The South Face wants to promote the transformation of the African society through education. For that reason, our motto is: Social Transformation Through Education. To achieve it, we grant scholarships through our Scholarship Program to brilliant young girls without resources.

But first, here is an advance. This is what The South Face is NOT

  • We do not educate young Africans there to bring them here. We want the future generations to be formed and grow in Africa.
  • We do not sponsor young girls. Their independence is our goal.
  • We do not do it for fun, even though we do.
  • We will not stop you in the middle of the street. We do not like bothering you.
  • We do not give up easily nor accept a “no” for an answer. The word “failure” is not in our vocabulary.
  • We do not educate Africa. Africa educates Africa.